Planning a winter garden

Every one of us has the desire to have their own “winter garden”. A space where there will be enough light and a beautiful view of the surroundings. With our winter gardens, which are a synergy of technical solutions, quality materials and precise assembly, all your wishes will come true.

First you need to ask yourself for what purpose do you need a winter garden. Usually we decide on a winter garden because of the need for a space where we can find much needed peace for leisure and relaxation. However, the decision for a winter garden can also be the need for additional space, and this problem can be solved in the fastest way with a winter garden.

When the idea for a winter garden is developing in us, it is time for experts who will help us in the right direction to the final realization of the winter garden. But the most important reason for making a winter garden is to create a winter garden as a decorative element to an existing building.

Our experts have many years of experience in design and construction of winter gardens and will be happy to advise you. However, in case of a major intervention into the building, an architect must be present.

What materials to use?

After consultation with an expert we need to decide where to get accurate information about advantages and disadvantages of the materials. Winter gardens differ very much from each other and are unique products for each individual customer. In particular it is necessary to take into account the wishes of the customer, the purpose for using a winter garden, its position, …

Our winter gardens are made of PVC materials to achieve better thermal insulation. To ensure a high load capacity a galvanized steel construction is provided, which is the basis of each winter garden. The supporting structure must be strong enough to withstand any load. Our experts, who will make an exact calculation of the required dimensions, will take care of this.

Another very important aspect are the glass and PVC profiles, which should give us the best thermal insulation.

For the roof glass, 8 MM TOUGHENED glass (top), 16 mm spacer and 4 + 4 LAMINATED glass (bottom) are used. This is basic glass, which can be upgraded with reflex glass or three-layer glass.

The wall glass is usually 4 -16-4; if desired, three-layer or glass with higher sound insulation may be used.

What do we need to know about ventilation, heating and cooling of the winter garden?

First of all, it is necessary to provide for natural ventilation with proper opening of windows and doors. Depending on the size and location of the winter garden, optimum ways of opening are determined (classic windows, sliding windows and doors, folding door…).

The winter garden is a space that should be used throughout the year, so we must ensure proper heating in due time. The best is a combination of floor heating with classic heating.

Cooling of the winter garden in the summer months is achieved with shades (awnings, plisses roof – metallised, external blinds and roller shutters, interior blinds, …).

For transitional periods the best solution is air condition with a combination of cooling and heating.



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